Those materials which you can use to beautify your face look and your whole body can be said as cosmetics. For example, whitening creams and makeup kits etc. Every girl wants to look beautiful and charming for which she needs white face. So, they use very expensive cosmetics on daily basis specially while going for an event like wedding parties and college functions etc. There are large number of brands which are producing different beauty items and we can purchase from market easily.

everything is less important than love

Some have great love for their children and give great importance to them. Some love their own self and nothing is important for them in the world except their self. Even some people love money very much and everything is less important for them except money. Lees verder...

UNO should do some regards

The United nation passed many resolutions to resolve the issue.
But Israelis refuse to act upon the resolution of the united nation. This shows that the united nation is not a strong organization in the world. 
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